The move to all-digital terrestrial TV networks and the availability of more over-the-air (OTA) HD content has sparked growth in consumer adoption of free-to-air television. MaxLinear consumer products deliver ultimate signal reception and sensitivity, multi-channel services, home networking and IP video distribution throughout the home. MaxLinear products play a critical role in wireless access points, USB dongles, PC TV, set-top boxes, DVRs and Ethernet-to-coax adapters.

Consumer Products

Broadband Access
With MaxLinear’s c.LINK and access technology, service providers have a powerful solution for home networking ... Learn More
Free to Air
In many countries around the world, OTA terrestrial TV is big business, and MaxLinear is there... Learn More
Home Networking for Consumers
MaxLinear offers cost-effective, high-bandwidth consumer home networking solutions using MoCA and technologies... Learn More
Set Top Box SoC
MaxLinear has a full line of STB SoCs for the cable, satellite, and telco/IPTV markets... Learn More