Innovation in satellite TV systems is surging as satellite operators move quickly to provide multi-channel and IP-based services. MaxLinear is playing a key role in this network upgrade delivering solutions for low-noise block (LNB) downconverters in the satellite dish along with set-top box / gateways and the in-home networking equipment required for whole-home entertainment systems. MaxLinear is a leader in channel-stacking technology, MoCA for satellite, for satellite and is a founding member of the SAT>IP Alliance.

Satellite Products

MaxLinear satellite receivers set the stage for satellite operators to deliver multi-channel services... Learn More
MoCA for Satellite
Satellite service providers are turning to MoCA to provide advanced whole-home entertainment & information services... Learn More
Outdoor Unit
Channel stacking technology is revolutionizing satellite outdoor units (ODUs) by delivering more channels... Learn More for Satellite technology is a great fit for satellite service providers who have adopted IP distribution... Learn More