The steady march of increasing mobile usage and functionality is driving consumer demand for faster data networks.  Today, as the attach rate of high definition mobile video devices soars, networks service providers are under even more pressure to keep up with exponential increase in data usage.  In order to keep pace with demand, operators are looking to upgrade the capabilities of their existing macro cell network while augmenting it with small cells and unlicensed spectrum offload.  This heterogeneous network approach will be tailored by the service provider to deliver an optimal blend of available technologies in order to meet requirements for coverage and capacity within investment budgets.

MaxLinear technology provides several tools to the toolkit for both wireless backhaul and fronthaul. Leveraging MaxLinear Full-Spectrum Transceiver™ technology, MaxLinear solutions provide an unprecedented level of flexibility, integration and performance.


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Integrated Transmitters and Receivers
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Clock & Timing
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