Full Spectrum Capture Satellite Digital ODU IC, 8 Input
Product Brief


The MxL868 is a low-power, single-chip Full- Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) satellite digital ODU IC, that features eight half L-band inputs (seven 950MHz–1450MHz and one 1650MHz–2150MHz) for an LNBF application. The MxL868 can also be configured for four low half band inputs (950MHz– 1450MHz) and four high half band inputs (1650MHz–2150MHz), with an external diplexer for an MDU application. In each configuration, the MxL868 supports three IF output ports that are configurable as dual-band or triple-band translate modes, or the DCS mode.
The MxL868 integrates a host CPU microcontroller, FSK modems and controllers, DiSEqC controllers, and a digital crossbar to support BT and DCS functionality. 
All major functions are incorporated onto the chip, which includes broadband input and output filters, LNAs, channel filters, AGC, and PLL. With its high level of integration and low power consumption, the MxL868 enables a true single-chip satellite ODU solution for band translation, high-density DCS LNBs, and MDU switches that require compact board design and low BOM.
The MxL868 operates using 1.8V and 1.1V dual supplies. The MxL868 is available in a small 10mm x 10mm2 footprint, 88-pin QFN package.


  • Low power:
    • Less than 3.82W typical case, with all RF inputs and two IF outputs active
    • Power scales with the number of active inputs and outputs
  • Configurable dual/triple band-translate or DCS modes
  • Fully-integrated host CPU microcontroller, FSK modems, and DiSEqC 2.x controllers:
    • Four master and three slave modes DiSEqC interface controllers
    • Three FSK modems
    • External PMU interfaces
  • Architecture:
    • FSC half L-band digital cross-bar and band/channel selection
    • Differential RF inputs/IF outputs
  • Two input modes:
    • LNBF (seven 950MHz–1450MHz, and one 1650MHz–2150MHz)
    • MDU (four 950MHz–1450MHz, and four 1650MHz–2150MHz)
  • Three IF outputs, each with a configurable on/off state for power saving purposes:
    • Dual BT: 950MHz–1450MHz, 1650MHz–2150MHz
    • Triple BT: 950MHz–1450MHz, 1650MHz–2150MHz, 2500MHz–3000MHz
    • DCS 1: 950MHz–1450MHz or 1650MHz–2150MHz
    • DCS 2: 950MHz–1450MHz and 1650MHz–2150MHz
    • DCS 3: 950MHz–2150MHz
    • DCS 4: 250MHz–750MHz
    • Up to 12dB tilt compensation
  • Programmable channel grid—50MHz–70MHz in 5MHz steps
  • Ability to provide channel spectrum analysis data through the FSK/DiSEqC
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Access to all on-chip functions using an API for firmware development
  • Integrated 32-bit RISC CPU and its subsystems:
  • 200MHz maximum frequency
  • Watchdog timer
  • Built-in memories:
    • IRAM
    • DRAM
    • ROM
  • Peripheral interfaces:
    • SPI
    • I2C
    • GPIO
    • PWM
    • JTAG
    • UART


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  • DBS LNBF—Band translation and high-density DCS LNBs
  • DBS MDU—Band translation and high-density DCS MDU switches

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MxL868-AL-R -40 85 EOL
MxL868-AL-T -40 85 EOL
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