UniTx Dual-channel Wideband Tx RFIC with Single Feedback Path


The PM8911 UniTX Plus is a highly integrated, low-power transmitter RFIC for wideband radio modules operating in the 400MHz to 4GHz frequency range. It addresses the performance requirements of 3GPP and 3GPP2 base station transceivers that support multiple standards such as MC-GSM, cdma2000®, WCDMA, and LTE.

Each UniTX Plus device includes two transmitters and one feedback receiver. This makes the UniTX Plus ideally suited for multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Additionally, the UniTX Plus includes synchronization features that enable higher-order MIMO, smart antenna and active antenna designs.

The UniTX Plus device's low power and high level of integration address the space restrictions, reliability and thermal design challenges associated with building compact radio modules. Furthermore, its wide RF range, large signal bandwidth and high performance enable designers to build a platform that is suited to a wide range of applications. This reduces development time and cost and reduces component inventory.


  • High integration and low power consumption enable compact transceiver designs
  • 400MHz to 4GHz RF range allows a single platform to support multiple frequency bands
  • 1.2288GSPS I/Q DACs support wideband & multi-carrier designs
  • 614.4MSPS ADC enables wideband DPD algorithms
  • Low-noise, on-chip LO meets requirements for multi-standard systems including MC-GSM, cdma2000®, WCDMA and LTE
  • JESD204B serial interface provides deterministic latency, reduces I/O pin count and supports combination of multiple UniTX devices to create higher-order MIMO transceivers


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  • Wideband radio modules operating in the 400 MHz to 4 GHz range
  • Multi-standard base station transceivers supporting LTE, cdma2000®, WCDMA and MC-GSM
  • Compact MIMO transceivers
  • Macro BTS, Micro BTS, Pico BTS, Active Antennas

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