16-Channel Multiplexer for xDSL Line Testing for SHDSL Systems


Package PG-LFBGA-119
X-Y Dimension (mm) 13 x 13
Min Temp -40
Max Temp 85
Application xDSL Linetesting & Wetting
# of Testable DLS Ports 16
# of Connected Multiplexers
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The MELT family provides metallic line testing capabilities for all-digital loops (ADL) in next generation networks (xDSL / The MELT family consists of the LTC combined with the MLT016 or MLT116. This chipset replaces traditional test heads or enables line testing on xDSL / linecards where metallic line testing over POTS is no longer available. MLT016/MLT116 acts as mixed signal test head, while LTC128/LTC129 is controller and signal processor of MELT chipset

  • Low-cost integrated 16-channel solution for metallic line testing in all-digital-loop systems
  • Allows installation of MELT capable DSL linecards even if POTS is still in place
  • Designed for ADSL and VDSL MELT measurements
  • Provision of DC wetting current
  • Integrated high voltage switch matrix to serve 16 lines
  • No impact of testing or wetting on ADSL and VDSL transmission.
  • In the case of SHDSL systems, please select the MLT016
  • High voltage line feed and accurate current sense
  • Fast testing time (below 30 seconds/channel), allowing on-line loop diagnostics during service calls
  • ITU-T K.20 (enhanced test levels) compatible without requiring additional protection elements
  • Total voltage range up to 150 V (±75 V)
  • Low Bill of Material (BoM)
  • Enables high density system solutions
  • Reliable Smart Power Technology (SPT170) for high voltage part
  • Standard CMOS technology (0.13 µm) for mixed signal part

  • xDSL / access networks

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