Single-Channel ADC/DAC & SLIC


Package PG-VQFN-48
X-Y Dimension (mm) 7x7
Interfaces SSI (proprietary)
Min Temp (°C) -40
Max Temp (°C) 85
Supply Voltage (V) 3.3, 1.5
SoC MaxLinear Cable, DSL, PON
Peak Ringing Voltage (V) 144
Line Testing GR909+
# of XFS Ports 1
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The SLC210 and SLC220 line interface solutions combine a CMOS ADC/DAC and DCDC control and high-voltage SLICs in a single package. This reduced footprint provides the unrivaled flexibility and performance that is required to implement cost-optimized Voice CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) applications of superior design. SLC complements MaxLinear´s established and field-proven Voice CPE product line and blends optimally with MaxLinear’s Home Gateway platforms (DSL, PON, Cable). In comparison to the other devices that are available, SLC offers full transmission performance for Central Office (CO) compliance (for ringing, feeding, DTMF generation & detection, and Caller ID) over the entire industrial temperature range. SLC also supports industry standard (GR-909) line testing and unique tests such as Capacitance Measurement, AC Level Meter, Make-and Break Dial Tone and Universal Tone Detection. The best-in-class Bill of Material (BOM) for dual-line termination is achieved through optimal on-board integration and elimination of duplicated external components, augmented by the device’s 2-layer PCB capability.

  • Balanced (up to 85 Vrms) and unbalanced (up to 50 Vrms) ringing
  • Caller ID type 1, 2 transmission support
  • DC, AC and fast ring trip detection
  • DTMF generator & receiver
  • Ground key indication
  • Loop Start and Ground Start signaling
  • Integrated DC/DC PWM controller
  • Integrated test and diagnostic functions – GR-909 test sequence – capacitance measurements – voice quality tests (AC level meter)
  • On-hook transmission
  • PCM interface G.711 A-law/μ-law or 16-bit linear
  • Pulse metering (TTX)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Combined Serial Interface (CSI)
  • Wideband audio support (16 kHz, 16-bit linear)
  • Worldwide programmability for AC transmission performance parameters acc. to ITU-T Q.552 and Telcordia GR-57-CORE

  • Analog Terminal Adapters
  • Cable eMTA and Set-Top Boxes
  • DSL Integrated Access Devices
  • PBX and Business Gateways
  • VoIP terminals
  • xPON Single Family Units and Home Gateway Units

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