Fully Programmable 8-Channel Codec


Package PG-FCLBGA-323
X-Y Dimension (mm) 20 x 18
Min Temp (°C) -40
Max Temp (°C) 85
Application POTS Linecards
Supply Voltage (V) 3.3V / 1.5V / 1.8V
Peak Ringing Voltage (V) n/a
Line Testing Yes
# of XFS Ports 8
Main Interfaces SPI / PCM, GPIO & RGMII, GMII, MII
# of Connected SLICs 4
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The MaxLinear SVP116/SVP108/SVP104 and the associated SLIC for linecard devices are providing a 16/8/4 channel CODEC/SLIC architecture designed for Voice over Packet (VoIP, VoDSL, PacketCable) with slim digital interfaces for optimized density and world-wide usage. The platform can be adapted to different country requirements without any hardware changes (AC and DC path, ringing, metering, etc. are programmable).

The SVP116/SVP108/SVP104 combine a Codec, CPUs, on-chip RAM/ROM and memory controller which are integrated into one small package, ensuring significant cost and board space advantages.

The SLIC for linecard devices combine a dual-channel high-voltage SLIC together with a codec interface, thus providing all the required voice interface functions in one package. They offer three switchable negative battery supply voltages, whereby the SSR102 uses a positive voltage for ringing while the SSP102 and SSS102 both have negative ring voltage supplies. The SSR102 and SSP102 are well suited for long loop applications while the SSS102 is typically used for standard loop lengths.

  • One VoIP system concept for all Access technologies
  • Integrated LC Controller
  • Flexible architecture with sufficient processing power to support additional features beyond current requirements (e.g. wideband Codec, window based LEC, conferencing etc.), easy upgrade since VoIP FW resides in external DDR2 RAM
  • 16-ch Codec/SLIC architecture offers highest density
  • 3-pin digital interface simplifies PCB design significantly
    • Reduced number of PCB layers (less interconnections between SLIC and Codec)
    • Ease of routing
    • Robust against disturber
  • Full wideband support (16bit/16 kHz)
  • Integrated line testing with test head accuracy
    • No external line test processor
  • 100% compatibility to legacy POTS equipment & services
  • Integrated ringing (100Vrms) with automatic ring current regulation
  • TTX 5V
  • Robust design versus severe EMC requirements (10KV Conduct Immunity)
  • Tone generators (2 per channel)
  • External, unbalanced ringing support
  • Complete design-in and system package

  • Access Network:
    • Central Office - TDM, VoIP
    • Digital Loop Carrier - TDM, VoIP
    • FTTH - TDM, VoIP
    • WLL - TDM, VoIP
  • PBX:
    • Analog Linecard - TDM, VoIP
  • Customer Premises Equipment:
    • Small Office Home Office (SOHO IP PBX) - TDM, VoIP

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