SHDSL Transceivers

MaxLinear’s SHDSL SoCs are fully integrated one chip system solutions for Ethernet, Packets, ATM and TDM/Dual Bearer transport over 1, 2 or 4 SHDSL channels. These highly integrated SoCs include DFE, AFE, line driver, and hybrid.​
Featuring single, dual or four channel variants, the SHDSL family is fully compliant with standards of ETSI (SHDSL, SHDSL.bis), ITU (G.shdsl, G.shdls.bis, G.hs, g.998.2/ and IEEE (EFM) and even provides options to go far beyond the standard to address extended bandwidth requirements of up to 60 Mbit/s over 4-pair bonded lines. With an external bonding implementation even higher aggregation levels (e.g. 8 pair EFM bonding) and higher rates are possible. ​
Former products (SDFE-4, SDFE-2, SDFE-1) are fully replaced by PEF2x628E in SDFE mode.

Product Portfolio