Panther III

DPU Storage Accelerator

Delivering Ultra-Low Latency & Breakthrough Data Reduction for enterprise and Hyperscale Data Centers
Panther III

200Gbps to 3.2Tbps Scalable Throughput and Ultra-Low Single-Pass Transformation Latency

Panther transforms enterprise and hyperscale data storage enabling faster dataset delivery and high-performance analytics on all workloads resulting in a new level of accuracy

Meet Six 9's reliabiility
Integrate faster
Accelerate the Speed of Storage
Enable Intelligent Storage

Key Features

New Panther DPU Storage Accelerator delivers breakthrough performance

Panther provides 200Gbps throughput (scalable to 3.2Tbps) single-pass data reduction, security, data protection, deduplication (MaxHash™), and real-time validation (RTV)
  • 12:1 Data Reduction Increase in Throughput Capacity
  • Suite B Secret & Top Secret Decryption/Encryption
  • Integrated NVMe Data Protection
  • New Class of Deduplication Enablement
  • Best-in-Class Data Integrity

Unleash the True Power of Data Storage

Hard Drive Storage
  • Low IOPS
  • Long latency
  • Limited throughput
  • CPU has time to handled data reduction, security, etc.
NVMe Data Storage
  • High IOPS
  • Low latency
  • Higher throughput
  • CPU overloaded unable to feed NVMe, handle date reduction, … fast enough
Panther III Enabled NVMe Data Storage
  • Open full IOPS & throughput
  • Ultra low latency
  • CPU free to handle value workload

Accelerate Time-to-Market With Unprecedented Power & Scale

  • SDK Software Package for quick integration
  • Industry Standard OCP and PCIe Form Factor Platforms
  • Rich Ecosystem support
  • Production Ready Solutions
  • Faster Integration With Fully Certified