MaxLinear and Pixelworks Selected by Nuvyyo for Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR

  • Dual-Channel Tablo Over-The-Air DVR with MaxLinear MxL69x ATSC receiver and Pixelworks XCode 5516 processor enables cord cutters to watch local channels when and where they want

MaxLinear Inc. (NYSE: MXL), a leading provider of radio frequency (RF), analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the connected home, wired and wireless infrastructure, and industrial and multimarket applications, today announced that Nuvyyo, Inc. has selected its MxL69x ATSC receiver (tuner and demodulator) for an innovative new Tablo DVR product that streams live HDTV and recorded over-the-air (OTA) content to any internet-connected TV, streaming media player, gaming system, computer or mobile device.

The Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVRis designed for cord cutters and utilizes dual MxL69x receivers that allow users to simultaneously record and stream two free broadcast channels from an HDTV antenna. A headless network-connected DVR, the Tablo system allows users to place shift their programming, as they can stream live or recorded programming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connected devices, regardless of their location. The Tablo DVR also offers the flexibility to connect USB storage devices to provide up to 8 terabytes of storage, which equates to approximately 2,000 hours of HDTV content.

Transcoding from Pixelworks

The Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR incorporates an XCode 5516 SoC from Pixelworks Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW) to provide flexible dual-stream transcoding of 1080i HD-to-1080p HD content. The XCode SoC is based on Pixelworks’ OTA solution platform and features customizable OTA reception and advanced streaming via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Additionally, the platform is compatible with multiple storage interfaces, including eMMC, SD Card, and USB as well as provides support for networked DVRs and a variety of devices, such as iOS and Android clients.

“Over-the-air TV has seen a resurgence  in popularity among today’s consumers,” said Grant Hall, CEO, Nuvyyo, Inc. “The new Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR lets modern cord cutters watch live and recorded broadcast TV whenever and wherever they want. The MaxLinear MxL69x receiver and Pixelworks XCode 5516 SoC helped us build a product that meets the cost, performance, size, and power requirements of our target audience and thus were a great fit for our newest Tablo DVR.”

“A seamless solution for streaming local HDTV broadcast content to a variety of media devices via a wired or wireless network is instrumental to driving further OTA TV adoption among consumers,” said Anthony Gioeli, Pixelworks Executive Vice President and General Manager for Video Devices. “We are pleased that Nuvyyohas chosen to incorporate the advanced transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming technology delivered by Pixelworks XCode 5516 processor into its newly launched Tablo DVR, which provides cord cutters with an easy-to-use OTA TV solution that has both powerful DVR functionality and high-quality video playback.”

“Due to its small footprint, low power draw, and best-in-class reception, the MxL69x is enabling a new category of OTA TV receivers that leverage these value-add features,” said Will Torgerson, MaxLinear Vice President And General Manager of the Broadband Group. “Nuvyyo’s Tablo is a popular product family within the cord cutter community, and it has been great to work with them on the Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR.”

Technical Highlights

The MxL69x is a single-chip, single-channel ATSC receiver that leverages MaxLinear’s “super radio” tuner technology and digital CMOS process technology in a low-power device that delivers superior over-the-air reception performance.

The MxL69x targets digital TV, single/multi-channel set-top boxes, USB/Wi-Fi adapters, and Wi-Fi/wired/RF smart antenna system applications. The IC supports both ATSC and global digital cable standards ITU-T J.83 Annexes (A, B, and C).

With its high level of integration, the MxL69x includes a broadband input filter, a channel filter, AGC, LO, PLL and demodulators, simplifying board-level design. The chip comes in a 5 x 5mm QFN package, enabling compact system designs, reduced BOM costs and lower power consumption.

Pixelworks XCode 5516 processor with advanced transcoding technology offers a compelling combination of product versatility and high-quality video output. More specifically, the XCode 5516 is capable of simultaneously transcoding two HD MPEG2 to H.264 video streams, while preserving the quality of the original video stream. Pixelworks’ advanced transcoding technology also includes adjustable bitrate streaming, enabling  Tablo DVRs to deliver OTA video content in a format optimized for a broad array of mobile devices.

About MaxLinear Inc.

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About Nuvyyo, Inc.

Nuvyyo, based in Ottawa, Canada, was founded in 2010 with the vision of revolutionizing the home media experience for consumers in the U.S. and Canada. Building on its first media streaming system, in 2014, the company launched Tablo, the Whole-Home OTA DVR system that combines the functionality of a DVR with the convenience and mobility of software apps for smartphones, tablets, computers, streaming set-top-boxes, and internet-connected gaming platforms, making it easy to discover, watch and record free over-the-air (OTA) TV anywhere, anytime, on any device. For more information, visit

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