Corporate Policies

    On March 18, 2024, the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of MaxLinear, Inc. (the “Company”), upon the recommendation of the Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of the Board, approved an amended and restated Code of Ethics and Employee Conduct (the “Code”). The Code applies to all directors, officers and employees of the Company. Among other modifications, the updated Code includes sections regarding anti-corruption, export controls and trade laws, conflicts of interest and the Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. These and other updates reflect what the Company considers to be current best practices and policies. The adoption of the Code did not relate to or result in any waiver, explicit or implicit, of any provision of the Company’s existing Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The foregoing description of the Code does not purport to be complete and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the full text of the Code.