Storage Appliance

The Need for Data
Around the world, there is an ever-increasing demand to securely store larger and larger amounts of data. Additionally, everyone wants instant access to their data. Today’s data storage solutions are faced with the challenge of meeting these demands while increasing workload result accuracy, lowering capital expenditures, and improving reliability.

Fastest Data Access
MaxLinear’s Panther products deliver the lowest latency, highest throughput compression and security acceleration. Powerful data reduction technology intelligently off-loads the CPU by providing multiple independent parallel transform engines. Each engine provides simultaneous compression, encryption, and hash. Panther opens all tiers of storage, including All-FlashArray and NVMe, to its full bandwidth potential with no CPU or software limitations.

Optimized Acceleration Architecture
Panther is an ideal solution for large data set applications like data warehouse and big table. Its flexible compression algorithms enable simple data temperature transition, optimizing access latency for hot, warm and cold data. When combined with Panther Class of Service, traffic handling can be prioritized for provisioning, enforcing service agreements or ultrafast access to hot data reads.

Panther lowers capital storage costs by delivering both improved storage capacity and $/GB savings. In addition, its single pass execution provides faster dataset delivery enabling high performance analytics with improved workload results. It also offers built-in, end-to-end real-time verification (RTV) of all transforms, assuring data integrity and eliminating data loss.