xDSL/G.fast Transceivers

Service providers must keep up with increasing demands for bandwidth while maximizing the value of their existing infrastructure. MaxLinear AnyWAN™ SoCs and AnyWAN™ transceivers allow service providers to harness the speed of the new G.fast standard, while maintaining backward compatibility with ADSL and VDSL for smooth migrations that minimize disruptions to infrastructure.

These highly integrated broadband WAN PHY solutions for universal gateway applications can deliver GBps speeds. They also offer network media flexibility and scalability in configuring customer premises equipment (CPE) systems, ranging from entry-level routers to high-end gateways. This provides system vendors, service providers, and retail OEMs with a home gateway platform that addresses advanced networking and services requirements for connected homes.

Product Portfolio

XWAY VRX619 G.fast/xDSL Transceiver
G.fast/xDSL WAN Transceiver for G.fast, VDSL and ADSL access
XWAY VRX518 xDSL Transceiver
DSL WAN Transceiver for ADSL and VDSL access