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MaxLinear’s New Collaboration to Drive Mission Critical Workload Performance in Next-Gen Enterprise and Cloud Storage Systems

April 16, 2024
  • MaxLinear Panther III Storage Accelerator will enable 2X faster performance(1) and 50% better response time(2).

CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- MaxLinear, Inc., a leading provider of storage accelerator solutions, today announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies aimed at revolutionizing storage solutions for the data-driven era. Through their work together, MaxLinear will integrate MaxLinear’s Panther™ III storage accelerator into the Dell PowerMax storage platform, which will aim to deliver unparalleled performance gains and unleash the full potential of mission-critical workloads. This collaboration underscores the shared commitment of both companies to drive innovation and deliver industry-leading storage solutions that empower customers to thrive in today's dynamic digital landscape.

The cornerstone of this relationship is the introduction of MaxLinear’s Panther III Storage Accelerator into Dell’s leading enterprise storage solution, Dell PowerMax, which promises breakthrough performance and unrivaled capabilities in data reduction, security, and data protection. Key features of the MaxLinear Panther III and Dell Storage PowerMax platform include:

  • 5:1 Data Reduction(3) (Open) & 3:1 Data Reduction(4) (Mainframe) Guarantee: The Panther Storage Accelerator ensures maximum efficiency with guaranteed data reduction ratios, optimizing storage resources and reducing total cost of ownership. Further, it enables an effective capacity per array of 18 petabytes.
  • Under 60-Microsecond Response Times(5): With lightning-fast response times, the Panther III and PowerMax platform delivers exceptional performance, enabling seamless access to critical data and applications.
  • Industry's Most Secure(6) and Energy-Efficient(7) Mission-Critical Storage Solution: Built with best-in-class security features and energy-efficient design, Panther III ensures that the PowerMax platform offers unmatched efficiency and peace of mind for even the most demanding workloads.

"The collaboration between MaxLinear and Dell marks a significant milestone in the evolution of storage solutions for AI powered business," said Vikas Choudhary, Vice President of Ethernet & Storage Accelerators at MaxLinear. "As AI/ML drives the need for higher data storage capacity and scalability, the combination of MaxLinear's cutting-edge technology in data-reduction, de-duplication enablement and encryption along with Dell's industry-leading expertise in architecting storage solutions, we are redefining the boundaries of performance, scalability, and reliability in storage systems. Together, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower our customers to thrive in an increasingly data-centric world."

About Dell’s PowerMax Solution
The Dell PowerMax 2500 & 8500 storage platform represents the pinnacle of enterprise storage solutions, engineered to meet the demanding requirements of modern data-driven organizations. Built upon Dell's legacy of innovation and reliability, the PowerMax series offers unmatched performance, scalability, and efficiency to address the ever-growing volumes of data generated by today's businesses. With its cutting-edge architecture and advanced features, including end-to-end NVMe and Dynamic Fabric architecture, the PowerMax platform delivers industry-leading performance with ultra-low latency, enabling organizations to accelerate their most critical applications and workflows.

Designed to seamlessly adapt to evolving business needs, the PowerMax 2500 & 8500 platform offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, empowering organizations to consolidate workloads, simplify management, and reduce total cost of ownership. With features such as automated tiering, data reduction, and comprehensive cyber resiliency capabilities, including encryption and data ransomware anomaly detection, the PowerMax series provides organizations with the peace of mind that their data is secure, compliant, and readily accessible. Whether deployed in traditional on-premises data centers or hybrid cloud environments, the Dell PowerMax 2500 & 8500 storage arrays set a new standard for enterprise storage, enabling organizations to unlock the full potential of their data infrastructure and drive business innovation.

About MaxLinear Panther III
MaxLinear's latest innovation, the Panther III Storage Accelerator, represents a significant leap forward in storage technology, offering breakthrough performance and unrivaled capabilities for modern data centers. Engineered to meet the escalating demands of data-intensive applications, the Panther III Storage Accelerator delivers an impressive throughput of 200Gbps, with scalability up to an astonishing 3.2Tbps. This exceptional performance is complemented by a suite of advanced features designed to optimize storage efficiency and enhance data security.

The Panther III Storage Accelerator incorporates cutting-edge technologies such as single-pass data reduction, security, data protection, deduplication (MaxHash™), and real-time validation (RTV), ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability in data processing. With a remarkable 12:1 data reduction ratio achieved through a combination of compression and deduplication techniques, the Panther III Storage Accelerator minimizes storage footprint and maximizes storage capacity utilization. Moreover, the inclusion of industry-standard encryption algorithms such as Suite B Secret & Top-Secret Decryption/Encryption ensures robust data protection against unauthorized access or breaches.

In addition to its performance and security features, the Panther III Storage Accelerator offers integrated NVMe data protection capabilities, further enhancing data reliability and integrity. With best-in-class data integrity and full real-time validation, organizations can trust the Panther III Storage Accelerator to deliver consistent and reliable storage performance, even under the most demanding workloads. Overall, MaxLinear's Panther III Storage Accelerator sets a high standard for high-performance, high-security storage solutions, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their data infrastructure while safeguarding sensitive information.

1. Based on Dell’s internal testing using the Sequential Read Hits (128K) GB per second benchmark and IOPS per FC port benchmarks (within a single array) comparing PowerMax 8500 to PowerMax 8000, April 2023. Actual performance will vary.

2. Based on Dell’s internal testing using the OLTP benchmark comparing the PowerMax 2500 against the PowerMax 2000, April 2023. Actual response times will vary.

3. Based on Dell‘s Future-Proof program that offers 5:1 data reduction guarantee based on PowerMax data reduction tools (dedupe and data compression) for open systems storage, August 2023. Actual data reduction rates will vary.

4. Based on Dell’s Future-Proof program that offers 3:1 data reduction guarantee based on PowerMax data reduction tools (dedupe and data compression) for mainframe storage, April 2023. Actual data reduction rates will vary.

5. Based on Dell’s internal testing using the Random Read Hit (8K) benchmark for Dell PowerMax 8500, April 2023. Actual response times will vary.

6. Based on Dell’s internal analysis of cybersecurity capabilities of Dell PowerMax versus cybersecurity capabilities of competitive mainstream arrays supporting open systems and mainframe storage, April 2023.

7. Based on Dell’s analysis of published product specs and features impacting power usage of Dell PowerMax versus competitive mainstream arrays supporting open systems and mainframe storage operating at 8PBe, June 2023.