AnyWAN™ SoC Multicore Networking Processor for Home Gateways and Routers


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The AnyWAN™ SoC GRX550 series is suited for high-end home gateways and routers and provides the same peripheral interfaces to reuse existing software across a wide range of applications. It allows equipment and service providers to extend the value of
their infrastructure investments and upgrade existing designs.

A multicore network processing unit (NPU) subsystem, combined with hardware acceleration and the integration of all the standard features into a single device makes the AnyWAN™ SoC GRX550 series a powerful and compact gateway-on-a-chip solution. Various architecture features improve quality of service and enable the integration of hardware-based virtualization.

  • Full software and hardware turn-key solution for an AX6000 capable Multi-WAN gateway or router
  • Enables cost-competitive field proven solutions for xDSL/ service providers
  • NPU with four processor cores featuring six CPUs for maximum performance, flexibility, and security
  • NPU subsystem with L2-cache, system-wide coherence manager, and on-chip trace unit
  • NPU speeds up to 2600MHz
  • Integrated security for secure code execution, boot, and access control
  • Enhanced packet acceleration with a combination of hardware acceleration and flexible, programmable multilevel processing engine. The GRX550 series supports more than eight million packets per second at 0% CPU load
  • Hardware accelerated, carrier-grade quality of service (QoS) solution with programmable queues, schedulers, and shapers operating both upstream and downstream to any interface on the chip
  • Integrated non-blocking 7-port Gigabit Ethernet switch with wire speed switching queue-based back-pressure algorithm
  • Hardware acceleration for VPN/IPsec, TLS, storage, etc.
  • Support for VoIP
  • Hardware-enforced security enables different operating systems to run on different cores
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  • Wi-Fi 6 AX6000 gateways and routers
  • VDSL2/35b single and bonded gateways, routers, and repeaters
  • Ethernet router (retail routers only)
  • LTE gateway
  • gateway
  • Smart home gateway

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