DMI920 Wave-2 Industrial Evaluation Kit
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Overview Version Wave-2
Physical Medium Powerline, Twisted Pair, Coaxial
Baseband Chip 88LX5153A
Analog Front-End 88LX2741 (2x)
Supported MIMO Modes Powerline, Twisted Pair
Max Net Throughput 1000Mbps
Supported Profiles Powerline MIMO 100MHz / SISO 100MHz; Twisted Pair 200MHz SISO / 100MHz MIMO
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The DMI920 evaluation kit offers a simple way to evaluate MaxLinear's Wave-2 Networking solution over powerline, twisted pair, or coaxial cable. This kit utilizes the 88LX5153A Wave-2 Digital Baseband (DBB) processor and the 88LX2741 Analog Front End (AFE) integrated circuits (ICs).

When used with MaxLinear's Spirit Grid software it supports a large-scale, multi-hop network of up to 250 nodes in a single network domain. Spirit Grid’s self-organize-network feature enables autonomous device installation and configuration, optimal signal path selection, and network self-healing capabilities. It can also auto-configure the client to simultaneously perform the repeating function, which eliminates the need for a dedicated repeater that is typically needed by other broadband powerline technologies.

The new DMI920 Evaluation Kit is MaxLinear’s industrial IoT multi-medium, multi-interface EVK. It combines the transceiver solution with MaxLinear’s pre-programmed 3-Output PMIC (XR77103-GR12), 1G Ethernet PHY (GPY115), USB to Ethernet Bridge (XR22800), and SP336E multi-protocol transceiver.

  • Evaluation Kit Contents:
    • Two adapters and accessories
  • Multi-medium EVK transmits data over:
    • AC or DC powerlines
    • Twisted pair
    • Coax cable
  • Multi-interface EVK supports:
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • RS-485/RS-232
    • USB
  • Wave-2 DBB/AFE Chipset (88LX5153A/88LX2741) supports:
    • MAC throughput of up to 1.0Gbps over powerlines and 1.7Gbps over twisted pair and coaxial cables
    • Twisted pair MIMO 100MHz and SISO 200MHz profiles
    • Powerline MIMO 100MHz and SISO 100MHz profiles
    • 1000Base-T data interface
    • Powerline Neighboring Domain Interference Mitigation (NDIM)
    • On-chip remote management support
    • Optimized power consumption with power saving mode
    • Max. 250 clients and 16 hops (integrated repeater) in single network domain

  • Wave-2 Powerline, Twisted Pair, or Coaxial Cable Networking
  • Smart Elevator Control
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • Smart Parking System Control
  • Smart Fuel Dispenser System
  • Building Entry/Access Control
  • Building Security and Surveillance
  • Smart Building Data Backbone

Documentation & Design Tools

Type Title Version Date File Size
User Guides & Manuals DMI920 Ghn Wave-2 Industrial EVK User Guide July 2021 1.7 MB
Product Flyers Industrial IoT Networking Products Flyer September 2021 1.1 MB
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RD-GRID-2DMI920KIT-01 Kit Active

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