Wi-Fi 7 SoC
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Wi-Fi Spectral Bands 2.4-5GHz, 5-7GHz
Throughput 17Gbps
Spatial Streams up to 8
Wi-Fi Standards IEEE 802.11be
X x Y Package Dimension (mm)
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Our new Wi-Fi 7 SoCs offer a world’s-first single SoC solution with best-in class throughput, coverage, and performance. It is built on IEEE 802.11be standard, also called Extremely High Throughput (EHT), and delivers 11.5Gbps of peak throughput on the 6GHz (6E) spectrum. This makes the throughput more than twice as fast as previous generation, Wi-Fi 6. The increase is accomplished together by doubling the bandwidth to 320MHz and enhancing the modulation to 4096 QAM.

The single-chip solution provides an optimal Multi Link experience - single seamless coordinated view of data flows across multiple channels in dual- and tri-band configurations for faster recovery from retransmissions in heavily congested environments like MDUs (Multi Dwelling Units).

The chipset is optimized for MaxLinear’s AnyWAN™ broadband SoCs and Puma™ family SoCs to fully offload the wireless traffic with zero CPU utilization.

  • IEEE 802.11be Compliant
  • Wi-Fi Alliance™ Wi-Fi 7 Certifiable
    • Bandwidth up to 320MHz and 4096 QAM
    • Multi Link Operation (MLO)
    • Multi Resource Unit (MRU)
  • Up to 8 Spatial Streams
  • Up to ~17Gbps PHY throughput

  • Gateways
    • Cable, Fiber, Copper, Ethernet, 2-Box, FWA
  • Routers, Access Points, Extenders, Repeaters, Mesh

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