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The iML2911 is a one-channel GVCOM™ amplifier with up to 500mA of peak current which can support up to 12V output voltages. The amplifier has multiple built-in switches to connect external supplies and automatically selects the optimal operating mode to minimize power dissipation. The iML2911 is designed to source and sink a high current quickly to hold the VCOM voltage stable in TFT-LCD panels and it features a high slew rate to quickly settle outputs for 120Hz frame rates and full HD panels. The device is designed to work well where heat dissipation from VCOM buffer devices is a major concern, as local heating can negatively affect image quality.

The iML2911 provides an easy solution for adding the two additional power supply voltages readily available in panel electronics. The device employs sensing circuitry for VCOM output load requirements and automatically switches between multiple supply voltage combinations. This results in 50% energy savings for still images and 25% to 30% savings for dynamic display images without affecting the image quality. The device features thermal-shutdown protection and output short circuit protection. The iML2911 is available in an exposed pad TDFN package for excellent heat dissipation and a WCSP package to minimize circuit board area.

  • Significant power savings for managing VCOM voltage level
  • Patent-pending, integrated sensing circuitry
  • Up to 12V VCOM voltage range

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