800G PAM4 DSP with Integrated Driver
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Min Temp (°C) -5
Max Temp (°C) 85
Package FC-FBGA 12x12
Status PRE
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The MxL9368x is a highly integrated PAM4 DSP SoC that enables 800Gbps optical interconnects using 100Gbps over a single optical wavelength (100G/λ).

The device has a high-speed electrical interface with eight transmit (Tx) and receive (Rx) input/output (I/O) that connect electrically through a module connector to the host ASIC. The device also has a high-speed optical side interface that has eight Tx and Rx I/O connecting through the optical components to optical fibers.

The electrical interface supports 106.25Gbps PAM4 signaling per lane over C2M host channels. The optical interface supports 106.25Gbps PAM4 signaling per wavelength for DR, FR, and LR applications.

The device supports DSP functions including Line-side Tx digital pre-distortion (DPD), transmit pre-emphasis (TX FIR), receiver feed forward equalization (FFE) and decision feedback equalization (DFE).

The MxL9368x, in a 12mm × 12mm package, includes integrated TOSA drivers with differential and single ended options for both SiPh and EML implementations. It offers exceptional signal integrity for 112G signals in a compact footprint suitable for next generation optical module form-factors such as QSFP-DD800 and OSFP.

  • 800G capacity that enables 800G PSM8, DR8, 2xFR4, 2xLR4 and 400G DR4, FR4, LR4
  • Tx equalization includes pre-emphasis, digital pre-distortion, and reflection cancellation
  • Rx equalization includes CTLE, multi-tap FFE and DFE, and reflection cancellation
  • Integrated crystal oscillator eliminates the need for a costly reference clock source
  • Small package size to enable the QSFP-DD space requirements
  • BER monitoring
  • SNR/Histogram reporting for each receiver on both electrical and optical interfaces
  • Diagnostic loop-back, test pattern generation and error checking
  • SPI and I2C slave interface to communicate to module MCU
  • SPI master for flash memory interface
  • I2C master interface for TIA direct control
  • Embedded CPU for real-time control
  • Squelch function when Loss-of-Signal (LOS) or Loss-of-Lock (LOL) is detected

    • QSFP-DD800 optical modules
    • QSFP-DD optical modules
    • OSFP optical modules

    Documentation & Design Tools

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    Product Flyers High-Speed Interconnect Products R01 March 2023 990.5 KB
    Product Briefs MxL93682, MxL93683 Product Brief June 2021 201 KB
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    Parts & Purchasing

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    MxL93682-PV-T -5 85 Active

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