56GBd PAM4 Single-Channel Linear TIA
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Min Temp (°C) -5
Max Temp (°C) 95
Package Bare Die
Status PRE
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The MxL9161 is a single-channel linear 56GBd PAM4 transimpedance amplifier (TIA) array with I2C control and monitor ports. The amplifier channel includes an adjustable small signal transimpedance gain range of over 30dB. The TIA typically consumes 220mW from a single 3.3V power supply. In addition to ultra-low noise, the total harmonic distortion (THD) is less than 3%. The TIA channel provides a pin photodiode bias voltage and an RSSI output to monitor the average photodiode current.

  • Supports 56GBd PAM4 symbol rates
  • Transimpedance gain range from 62.5Ω to 5000Ω
  • Input signal dynamic range > 30dB
  • Photodiode (cathode) bias voltage
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • RSSI current offset < 3μA
  • Single power supply
  • Low power consumption of 220mW
  • 39GHz typical 3dB bandwidth
  • 300mVpp typical differential output swing
  • Programmable output peaking
  • I2C interface for direct control of the TIA
  • Die size 1.6mm × 0.8mm

  • QSFP optical module
  • SFP optical module
  • 5G wireless fronthaul application
  • TO-can package

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Parts & Purchasing

Part Number Min Temp Max Temp Status
MXL9161-A7-W -5 95 Active

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Active - the part is released for sale, standard product.
EOL (End of Life) - the part is no longer being manufactured, there may or may not be inventory still in stock.
CF (Contact Factory) - the part is still active but customers should check with the factory for availability. Longer lead-times may apply.
PRE (Pre-introduction) - the part has not been introduced or the part number is an early version available for sample only.
OBS (Obsolete) - the part is no longer being manufactured and may not be ordered.
NRND (Not Recommended for New Designs) - the part is not recommended for new designs.