MicroWave MODEM Dual-core modem, with Wide Band IF DSP, High Capacity
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Min Temp (°C) -40
Max Temp (°C) 110
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The MaxLinear BCM85652 is a fifth-generation SoC for broadband wireless transmission systems. The BCM85652 brings the most advanced features and performance to the microwave point-to-point industry with high capacity features such as 4 x 4 XPIC MIMO, wide 112MHz channels, high 4096 QAM modulation, and dual channel on a single I/Q or IF AFE interface.
The BCM85652 supports high integration with two modems (e.g., full XPIC in a single chip), embedded programmable DSP for addon features and differentiation, multiple high-speed AFE for I/Q and IF interface, auxiliary AFE for RF circuitry and board control, packet fragmentation and header compression, SyncE, and 1588 support.
High link robustness is supported with Enhanced Carrier Recovery (ECR), ACM, advanced multilevel LDPC/RS FEC, MRC and XPIC-MRC, and link protection. An integrated digital tuner replaces the need for an external IF tuner. Improved RF performance is provided with RF circuitry impairments compensation including I/Q imbalances correction, ECR, multi-stage AGC, and Adaptive Digital Predistortion (ADPD).
Advanced power saving uses power domains, clock gating, and AVS that are optimized for a 28nm process. The BCM85652 meets the evolving demands of backhaul networks, and supports hybrid and pure IP networks for 4G cellular networks.

Link Robustness

  • ECR
  • ACM
  • Advanced multilevel LDPC and RS FEC
  • Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) and Dual Polarization (XPIC) MRC for extra link robustness and channel diversity notch elimination
High Capacity
  • Dual polarization spatial multiplexing MIMO (4 x 4 XPIC-MIMO)
  • Full XPIC in a single chip
  • Two modem chains
  • 112MHz channel on each modem chain
  • High QAM modulations up to 4096 QAM
  • Channel bonding
  • Dual channel on single Baseband (BB) or IF interface
  • PLA
  • Header compression

  • MicroWave point-to-point

Documentation & Design Tools

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Product Flyers BCM8565x Microwave Modem Flyer July 2019 964.2 KB
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Parts & Purchasing

Part Number Min Temp Max Temp Status
BCM85652IFSBG -40 110 Active

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EOL (End of Life) - the part is no longer being manufactured, there may or may not be inventory still in stock.
CF (Contact Factory) - the part is still active but customers should check with the factory for availability. Longer lead-times may apply.
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