High Capacity MilliMeter Wave MODEM
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Min Temp (°C) -40
Max Temp (°C) 125
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The MaxLinear MxL85110 is a baseband SoC for broadband wireless transmission systems. With its exceptional 20Gbps throughput, the MxL85110 provides a flexible solution that meets the evolving demands of fronthaul and backhaul networks, supporting both all outdoor unit (AODU) and pure IP transport implementations for 4G and 5G cellular networks.
The comprehensive functionality supported by the MxL85110 includes a complete processing chain, from the various user IP interface technologies to analog baseband signals. The MxL85110 supports large channel-spacing spans of between 50MHz and 2GHz, modulation rates from binary phase-shift keying (BPSK) to 1024-QAM, and high spectral efficiency supporting multiple-input and multiple-out (MIMO) transceivers and cross pole interference cancellation (XPIC).
The MxL85110 provides a complete processing chain from the various interface technologies of user’s data to analog baseband signals.

  • 10Gbps link capacity
  • Supports:
    • Large CSs Span (50MHz to 2GHz)
    • BPSK to 1024 QAM
    • XPIC
  • Configurable Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) or RS channel codes
  • High link availability with ACMB
  • Enhanced impairment correction capabilities and low phase noise support simple/fast HW design and lower RF cost
  • Integrated AFE, DACs and ADCs enable glueless connectivity to RF/IF analog circuitry
  • Large variety of services
    • XAUI / 1Gbps
    • SGMII / 2.5GbE
    • GPI
  • Fixed mode and low latency mode

  • Macro cell backhauling
  • Small cell backhauling
  • Fiber replacement and extension
  • Wireless fronthaul
  • Coax virtual fiber

Documentation & Design Tools

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Product Flyers BMC85110 MilliMeterWave Modem Flyer March 2019 1.5 MB
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Parts & Purchasing

Part Number Min Temp Max Temp Status
BCM85110IFSBG -40 110 Active

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Active - the part is released for sale, standard product.
EOL (End of Life) - the part is no longer being manufactured, there may or may not be inventory still in stock.
CF (Contact Factory) - the part is still active but customers should check with the factory for availability. Longer lead-times may apply.
PRE (Pre-introduction) - the part has not been introduced or the part number is an early version available for sample only.
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NRND (Not Recommended for New Designs) - the part is not recommended for new designs.