Integrated Octal RF Transceiver with Dual Feedback Receivers
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Information Integrated Octal RF Transceiver with Dual Feedback Receivers
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The MxL1550 device is a highly integrated and low power consumption multi-port radio frequency (RF) transceiver for wireless infrastructure radios. Its powerful combination of high integration, high performance, ultra-low power dissipation, and software-defined programmability makes it an optimal solution for 4G and 5G massive Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output (MIMO), and 4G and 5G macro radio platforms.
The MxL1550 device integrates eight transmitters (Tx), eight receivers (Rx), and two feedback receivers (FBRX). It supports an RF frequency range from 680 to 5925MHz. Each Rx is configurable to support wide signal bandwidths of up to 400MHz. Each Tx and FBRX is configurable to support wider signal bandwidths up to 850MHz to facilitate digital pre-distortion algorithms.
The MxL1550’s software-defined bandwidth and tuning flexibility is power-efficiently delivered using a direct conversion RF architecture. This architecture is underpinned by integrated digital radio processing functions and low-noise, on-chip local oscillators (LO).
The MxL1550 device supports a JESD204C system interface, programmable to operate with lane rates up to 32Gbps.
The MxL1550 device has an embedded microcontroller sub-system that simplifies configuration, calibration, and management of the device.

  • Eight transmitters
  • Eight receivers
  • Two feedback receivers
  • RF range from 680 to 5925MHz
  • Integrated LO synthesizer
  • Optional external LO input
  • Rx bandwidth up to 400MHz
  • Tx/FBRX synthesis bandwidth up to 850MHz
  • 4G/5G air interface support
  • TDD and FDD operation
  • Dual band split mode support
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Fast power-up and power-down modes
  • Deep sleep power saving modes
  • Tx power amplifier protection
  • Rx gain control
  • IQ imbalance and LO feed-through correction
  • Embedded CPU for control, calibration, and status reporting
  • SPI control interface
  • GPIO for fast control and status reporting
  • JESD204C system interface
  • Up to 8 JESD204 Tx lanes
  • Up to 8 JESD204 Rx lanes
  • JTAG boundary scan including support for AC-coupled differential SERDES interfaces
  • 1.8V, 1.2V, and 0.8V power supplies
  • 19 x 19mm, 484 balls, 0.8mm pitch FCBGA package with exposed die

  • 4G/5G massive MIMO radios
  • 4G/5G macro cell radios
  • Small cell radios
  • Repeaters

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