20A Integrated Power Stage "DrMOS" with Current and Temperature Monitoring
Data Sheet


The XR78020 is an integrated power stage containing a synchronous buck gate driver which is packaged with both half bridge MOSFETs designed to provide output currents up to 20Amps. Also known as “DrMOS” (Driver plus MOSFETs), the package design provides very low thermal impedance and excellent EMI performance by minimizing parasitic inductances. The ratio of the MOSFET RDS(ON) is optimized for conversions from 12V rails to the low output voltages required for the latest processor and memory of computing systems.
Computing systems are demanding more and more telemetry of the power system. The XR78020 monitors internal temperature (TOUT
pin) and uses that temperature information to provide a temperature corrected current output (IOUT pin) derived from the inductor DCR.
The output current information has minimal phase delay and is suitable for use with current mode PWM and valley current mode constant on-time control.
TOUT serves the secondary function of a fault flag for VCC UVLO, Over-Temp (OT), High-Side short or Over-Current (OC). The XR78020 is offered in a 4 x 5 x 0.9mm QFN package.


  • 20A Integrated Power Stage
  • Input Voltage Range: 4.5V to 17V
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.6V to 3.3V
    • 0.6V to 5.5V without current sense
  • IMON output 5mV/A (DCR=0.29mohm) with temperature compensation
    • Suitable for current mode control loops
    • Trimmed and tested at 65°C
  • TOUT output 8mV/°C with fault flags for VCC UVLO, OT, OC, and High-Side Short
  • Designed for 3.3V tristate PWM outputs
  • Boost pin refresh
  • 4x5x0.9mm Lead free RoHS compliant package



  • Servers
  • Networking Equipment
  • Industrial PC

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Pkg Code Details Quantities Dimensions PDF
QFN27 5x4
  • JEDEC Reference: MO-220
  • MSL Pb-Free: L2 @ 260ᵒC
  • MSL SnPb Eutectic:
  • ThetaJA: 52.48ᵒC/W
  • Bulk Pack Style: Tray
  • Quantity per Bulk Pack: 490
  • Quantity per Reel: 3000
  • Quantity per Tube: N/A
  • Quantity per Tray: 490
  • Reel Size (Dia. x Width x Pitch): 330 x 12
  • Tape & Reel Unit Orientation: Pin 1 at quadrant 1
  • Dimensions: mm
  • Length: 5
  • Width: 4
  • Thickness: 1
  • Lead Pitch: 0.5

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XR78021ELTR-F QFN27 5x4 -40 125 Active Order
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