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The S6100 software configurable processor is designed to handle compute-intensive video, imaging, and wireless applications. The architecture provides the compute power needed for digital signal and application layer processing. The processor core contains a second-generation Instruction Set Extension Fabric (ISEF), which is used to optimize the instruction set for specific applications in real time. An integrated Programmable Accelerator is optimized for algorithms commonly used in audio, video, and wireless applications. The S6100 contains an integrated Processor Array (PA) interface to provide glueless chip to chip communication for board level scalability. 

  • S6 Software Configurable Processor 
  • Second-generation Instruction Set Extension Fabric (ISEF) 
    • 345MHz operation 
    • 64KB ISEF embedded RAM (IRAM) 
    • Direct DMA Fully pipelined and interlocked 
  • Dual issue VLIW with 16-, 24-, and 64-bit instructions 
  • Single-precision floating point operations
  • Programmable Accelerator Optimized for audio, video, and wireless
  • Peripherals 
    • Four 10-bit Data Ports 
  • All Data Ports support multiple modes, including 
    • Video SD (BT 656) and HD (BT 1120)—interleaved or progressive 
    • Flow-controlled FIFO mode—8/10 bit or 16/20 bit 
    • Raw data—8/10 bit 
    • Streaming mode 
  • One PCIe port supporting x1 and x4 
  • One 16/32-bit DDR2 333–667 SDRAM port 
  • One 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC port
  • One Enhanced Generic Interface Bus (eGIB)
  • Two programmable serial ports
  • Two-wire Interface (TWI)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 
  • Two I2S audio ports 
  • Two UART ports with IrDA 
  • General Purpose I/O (GPIO) and Interrupts 
  • One standard test port supporting JTAG IEEE 1149.1

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Quality & RoHS

Part Number RoHS | Exempt RoHS Halogen Free REACH TSCA MSL Rating / Peak Reflow Package
S6100PHC-3 N Y Y Y Y #N/A HSBGA622

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S6100PHC-3 OBS
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12/06/2022 Product Discontinuation Notice
07/11/2017 Product Discontinuation Notification
07/26/2016 Product discontinuation notification. Discontinued.