Digital Pre-distortion (DPD) and Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) IP for FPGAs that significantly reduces radio power consumption


The rise of connected devices and the growing demand for high bandwidth content is driving the need for broader, faster, and more reliable delivery networks 

To keep up with demand, network providers are implementing infrastructure improvements and installing more radios to expand throughput. As more and more 5G radios are installed, reducing the size, weight, and power consumption for radio cells design becomes critical to network provider profitability. 

MaxLIN DPD / CFR Technology

MaxLIN is a best-in-class DPD that increases the power efficiency and linearization performance of wideband power amplifiers. Users can save up to 30% power consumption per radio over a commodity DPD solution.

  • Enables high efficiency radio designs that lead to lower energy usage, cost, weight and volume.
  • Lowers overall TCO for network providers
Key Benefits

MaxLIN exceeds 3GPP and FCC unwanted emissions requirements with margin

  • Fails Spectral Emission Mask (SEM) specs
  • Fails Spectral Emission Mask (SEM) specs
  • Meets SEM specs with margin

MaxLIN significantly improves PA efficiency

  • MaxLIN improves PA efficiency, which reduces power dissipation and heat sink size
  • MaxLIN can reduce weight, volume, and cost of radio units by 30%
MaxLIN in the News
MaxLinear Partners with RFHIC to Accelerate Deployment of Ultra-Wideband 5G Power Amplifiers
“Mobile operators need new disruptive 5G radio innovations that can dramatically reduce power consumption, tower space, and cost while simultaneously delivering much higher capacity. The new ultra-wideband radios enabled by MaxLIN with RFHIC RF transistors deliver on this challenge by allowing multiple new 5G radio bands to be supported efficiently in a single Radio Unit (RU).”
Brendan Walsh, MaxLinear’s Vice President, Wireless Infrastructure
MaxLinear Teams with Qorvo to Enable High-Efficiency Power Amplifiers for Massive MIMO Radio Solution
“Demonstrating our high-efficiency amplifiers with a full radio front end provides a complete solution and 3GPP compliance. Qorvo is excited to be teamed with MaxLinear on their state-of-the-art radio and linearization solutions.”
Gangadhar Burra, Qorvo’s Chief Architect of Infrastructure and Defense Business