MaxLinear PAM4 DSPs Accelerate Data Center Connectivity

By enabling low power 400G and 800G optical modules


MaxLinear PAM4 DSPs enable next generation optical modules for data center and hyperscale cloud networks

Data traffic continues to grow exponentially in hyperscale cloud networks; requiring ever increasing server access and switch-to-switch interconnect speeds. Low-power, high-density optical modules that support high lane rates are needed to enable higher bandwidth.


Highly Integrated DSPs & TIAs
Enable Next Generation Optical

MaxLinear provides a full range of PAM4 DSPs and TIAs for applications ranging from 100G to 800G, supporting 56G/lane and 112G/lane options on both the host and line side interfaces for data center connectivity.


New Keystone DSPs enable sub-8W 400G-DR4 and sub-15W
800G-DR8 Optical Modules

  • 5nm technology
  • 400G/800G PAM4 DSPs
  • Support 112G/lane electrical and optical I/O 12mm x 13mm package suitable for QSFP-DD800 and OSFP optical modules
  • Integrated driver with single-ended and differential options for both EML and SiPH optical interfaces

Industry's First 5nm 800G PAM4 DSP

Keystone DSP
400G/800G PAM4
  • Four low power options
  • Electrical interface supports 56Gbps PAM4
  • Optical interface supports 112Gbps PAM4 signaling
  • 12mm x 13mm package

  • PSM8, DR8, 2xFR, 2xLR (MxL9368x)
  • DR4/FR4/LR4
  • QSFP-DD800 (MxL9368x)
  • QSFP-DD optical modules
  • OSFP optical modules
56GBaud Linear TIAs
  • Three low power options
  • Supports 56GBaud PAM4 symbol rates
  • Multi-channel 100G TIAs offer best-in-class crosstalk performance
  • Available in bare die

  • QSFP-DD800 optical module
  • OSFP optical module
  • QSFP112 optical module
  • SFP optical module
  • CPO
  • 5G wireless fronthaul
Snowmass DSP
100G PAM4
  • Two low power options
  • Electrical interface supports 25Gbps NRZ or 50Gbps PAM4
  • Optical interface supports 100Gbps PAM4 signaling
  • 7mm x 8.5mm package

  • DR/FR/LR
  • QSFP28 optical modules
  • SFP-DD optical modules
  • DSFP optical modules


Introducting Keystone: MaxLinear's 3rd Generation PAM4 DSP Family

In this video, Drew Guckenberger introduces MaxLinear’s new Keystone 5nm PAM4 DSP family and provides an overview of MaxLinear’s full family of PAM4 DSPs engineered for data center solutions.


Keystone Demo from ECOC 2023

At ECOC 2023, the MaxLinear meeting room featured a live demo of the industry leading 5 nanometer Keystone and Keystone Multi-Mode PAM4 DSP products. The demo illustrated seamless integration and excellent performance across multiple Keystone-based cable and module applications.


MaxLinear's 800G Keystone Demo

This video demonstrates the performance of MaxLinear’s Keystone 800G PAM4 DSP.


Analog Receive Optics (ARO): A robust alternative to Linear Pluggable Optics

Hear from Drew Guckenberger, VP of High-Speed Interconnect Business, explaining the benefits of a novel retimed transmit and linear drive receive solution (ARO) at the ECOC 2023 Market Focus.


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